DoB 12th October 2008   

BVA/HD 3:3 total 6

CLEAR of PRA (rcd4 mutation)

Colour by parentage carries black only







This little girl has been on the reserve wish list for a few years and now Thelda Bryant has had her wish full filled.

Another Laurelhach Gordon has finally joined the household in Sussex and when the time is right will enjoy agility, be taken beating and hopefully may dip her paws into the limelight in the show world.

Thelda have fun with this very cheeky and outgoing person !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well Dibley has started 2010 by attending agility where Thelda, her owner,

says that Dibley has so much enthusiasm, in fact for the whole club

and has thus been given a new name 'POCKET ROCKET' !!

Hopefully Thelda will be able to get a few pictures of Dibley in action to add to her page.